This is Me!

Me with approx. 20 lbs of peaches - bc fresh peaches are the *bomb*

Just a recent pic one of my friends took of me:)

My crazy kitty on top of my head rest (while the car is parked) - she is very talkative and only stopped when she could look out the window

Hi - I'm Margaret

I am a photographer of all things, currently based near Daytona Beach, Florida. I grew up loving to take pictures, and I am lucky to say my love for photography has only grown in recent years.

I am here to capture life and to celebrate the everyday with you!

With years of experience in a variety of positions, roles, and jobs, I approach every new job like a puzzle, wanting to make everything fit juuuuuusssstttt right so that you get the images that represent you the best!

I could go on and on forever about why I love photography, in fact I've rewritten this paragraph about 7 times now, but nothing is able to capture my sentiments for it quite exactly. There is just a passion within me for capturing as much of God's beautiful and wonderful creation as I am physically able to, and sharing with the world how wonderful his creation truly is!

5 fast facts about me!

  1. I recently rescued a hamster named Jeff
  2. I am getting my B.S. in Photography at UCF
  3. I have taken over 800,000 photos in the past 8 years
  4. I love to read
  5. I love climbing trees, but it is a bit more socially acceptable when you are in grade school than college 😂

Life goes by so fast. Don't let these moments slip away

One of my favorite things to do in a graduation session is to recreate a picture of the grad at a location on campus that they visited when they were younger! With legacy students, some photos are them as babies, while others are freshman move-in or from touring colleges in high school. The joy such a simple recreation can bring is the reason I do this - for the memories.

Say hello.

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